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Our team of professionals include some of the best in the industry! Albert Baxter, ATP is the Chief Operational Officer of Independence On Wheels and co-owner. He has extensive knowledge in mobility products and years of experience in this industry! Lynn Pollard, MSN, RN CPNP is the pediatric mobility specialist! She is a board certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with over 14 years experience with special needs kids! Alana Baxter, BSSW deals with the insurance companies to get kids the equipment they so need! She has worked with Children Special Services in the past.

We also have other ATPs and RTSs on staff to serve the needs of our clients!

At Independence On Wheels, we offer multiple services including:

  1. Service: We service what we sell! Most companies are going out of business or refusing to work on the equipment they provide. Not us! We also service what others sell!
  2. Quality: We only provide the highest quality products! When most companies are cutting corners due to lower reimbursement, we still provide the best!
  3. Turn-around Time: The industry average for complex wheelchairs is a little over 6 months!!!! Our process time, on average, is 57 days!!!!
  4. Compassion: We care about who we serve! We have hearts towards making the lives of others better!
  5. Integrity: We hold the highest standards and always try to do the right thing!

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