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Safety Bed

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Safety Bed - Image Number 20847

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Beds and Accessories


Beds By George

Product Description:

Designed by a family-owned company for special needs children, youth and adults who need extra fall and entrapment protection while in the bed.

Each bed is handcrafted with solid woods throughout, with a choice of 3 woods and 6 different stains, with optional accent carvings, name engraving, canopy top, high side model, access ports and IV poles.  Also, a choice of upholstery for padded beds.

Hospital Beds, Institutional Beds, Safety beds or Adaptive Beds all share a common goal of keeping the user safe from falling out or injuring themselves as a result of being in bed. The term "safety bed" is overused and a firm definition is hard to to find. We feel for a bed to be considered a safety bed it must address a few very specific issues.

1) Fall Protection: built into the structure of the bed should be some physical barrier to minimize the likelihood that the patient can fall out of bed. In many patients this protection has to apply while the patient is awake and moving around, not just while sleeping.

2) Protection from Entanglement / Entrapment: built into the design of the bed is a reduction of gaps and openings to minimize the likelihood of the patient becoming stuck in the frame or between mattress and frame. For more information on this topic, please see below.

3) Containment: built into the design and structure of the bed are elements to assist in keeping the patient inside the bed while awake. While somewhat controversial, many patients are unable to safely exit a bed and/or are not safe to be allowed unsupervised mobility as they are a danger to themselves or others.Fully Adjustable sleep surface via electric motorized control, variable surface height (hi/lo) and full head, knee and foot articulation

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Specification Description
Mattress *Height to Floor: 14 - 36"
Rail *Height to Floor: 45"
Door above Mattress: up to 40” with deck in lowest position
Floor *Clearance: 5"
Overall Dimensions: add 4 1/2" to mattress
Mattress Size: Twin 36x76, Ext Twin 36x80
Mattress: Full foam mattress, 6" thick with side reinforce
Max weight : 300 lbs